Iwatani Singapore

    Machinery List

  • Multi Reflow
  • Canon
  • BESTEM-D531t
  • BESTEM-D510/C310
  • 3D Inspection
  • W5100D
  • N5000
  • OKK
  • Wafer expander
  • Dicing frame cleaning
  • Spin dryer
  • Wafer Vaccume
  • NTT-AT
  • Furukawa battery
  • Consumer Parts

Multi Reflow

  • All heating zone is available up to
    350 degree
  • N2 machine achieved oxygen concentration 200ppm (option/100ppm)

Multi Reflow
Name UNI-6116S
Power Requirement 3ø 200V 18kVA (18kW)
Machine Weight About 500kg
N2 Supply More than 250L/minutes
0.4Mpa Purity more than 99.99%
Valid width of Board Pin chain 50 to 160mm
Mesh Max. 160mm
Conveyer type Pin chain system*1
Conveyer speed 0.1 to 0.5m/minutes
Conveyer hight 900±20mm
Max board hight Refer to structure spec chart
Number of heater panel
Circulation fan
Name UNI-6116S
Over heating protection
Mesh Conveyor *2
Conveyor automatic width adjustment
Anti warping system
Anti warping automatic position adjustment
Circulation fan stop detection
N2 specification
Name UNI-6116S
Oxygen concentration controller
100ppm optional
Flux removal system
Color order

12-inch High performance
Die Bonder for system in package


BESTEM-D531t will enable you
to bond ultra precision bonding of NAND FLASH

  • Thin Die Capability

    2 motion needleless pick up system, up to 15μm

  • Highest Accuracy Bonding Capability

    Achieves die-bonding accuracy of ±8μm, θ=±0.05° (3σ)

  • Flexible Handling

    Able to handle the lead frame size of 1.0~25.0mm, and the substrate size of Length 100~300mm

Clip Bonding Line

High Performace Clip
bonding System


Face-up / Face-down
bonding flexible integration

  • Best TCO

    High UPH,Small Foot Print,Minimized Conversion Multi Dispense Head

  • Best Quality

    High Accuracy thermal management

  • Flexible Handling

    Clip Size:1.0mm~ / Flip Chip bonding:0.3mm~ / with high quality

Automated Wire Bonding
Inspection System

Automated Wire
Bonding Inspection System

Epoch Making 3D Visual inspection
Only one second of measurement time, easy operations and flexible inspections.

  • High Accuracy Measurement


  • Measurement Ability

    Speed:1.0sec / Max measurement angle:±55°

  • 3D/2D Data Acquisition

    Data generated at once scanning

  • 35 years experience in LED/LSI industry for any size Wafer or PKG level worldwide.
  • Reliable Japanese quality
  • System with simple design, easy maintenance.
  • JEITA/ESDA/JEDEC/AEC standard.
  • Capable of testing HBM, MM and HMM.


For pulse
Zap Voltage ±10~±40KV(Op.8KV)
Step Voltage ±5V
Zap Accuracy 1%±10V
Test speed 0.5s/1pin
Interval time 0.3~9.9s
Zap count 1-9999
X-Y movable range 99mmx99mm
Move Resolution 1.25μm
For measurement
Measurement Voltage 0~±40V (Op.±80V)
Measurement current accuracy 1.0%±(1/500F.S.±10nA)
Measurement point MAX 20
Measurement current 0~±100mA
Measurement Resolution ±0.1V
Measurement table MAX 10
Measurement output Table •Trace•CSV files
For power/etc utility
Power 100/115V 20A MAX 50/60 Hz
Control RS232C
Weight 170Kg
OSt Windows
Dimension 150(W)x1300(D)x1000(H) (PC contained)
  • 35 years experience in LED/LSI industry for any size Wafer or PKG level worldwide.
  • Reliable Japanese quality
  • System with simple design, easy maintenance.
  • JEITA/ESDA/JEDEC/AEC standard.
  • Capable of testing HBM, MM and HMM.


Equipment model HED-N5256-D2/6, HED-N 5512-D2/6, HED-N51024-D2/6
Capacity of power modelsupplyVoltage 256 pins and 512 pins - 100V/15A, 1024 pins - 100V/20A
Pin number of max. measurement 256 pins,,512 pins, 1024 pins
Pulse voltage MMx2, HBMX2 are featured as standards
Pulse voltage step ±5V
Pulse zapping number 1-99times
Pulse interval 0.3~9.9s
Accuracy of charge voltage 1%±10V
Bias DC power supply ±35V/1A
Vsupply over-voltage power (for latch up test) 100V(1V step)
V f/lm measurement power supply ±40V (0.1V step) / 100mA
Accuracy of V f/lm measurement 1±(1/500FS±10nA)
Pulse current supply ±1A (1mA step)
Wave form sampling (for latch up test) 10MHz, Max.4000 points
Destruction judgement Changing amount judgement/Absolute value judgement
Outer dimensions 1600(W)X900(D)X1500(H)
Weight 150kg~200kg
Basic software(OS) Windows

Wafer expander

  • Completely dry processing
  • Setting of precise conditions is possible
  • Supports fully automatic operation
  • Automatic cutting function

Wafer Expander
Dimention W700 ×D1250×H1470
Weight Approx.250kg
Expand Stroke 7mm ×50mm(±0.1mm) *stopping precision :±0.1mm/sec
Vertical speed 0.1mmー20mm/sec *adjusting rate :0.1mm/sec
Temperature adjustment room temperature to -80℃
Size 8" dicing frame.

Dicing frame
cleaning machine

  • Double catching protection device
  • Processing speed adjustable function
  • One-touch operation available for scheduling change (including up to 12")
  • Smooth handling between processes

Dicing Frame Cleaning Machine
Dimention W2580 ×D1250×H1800
Model DFW-700
Dicing frame 8inch , 12inch
Cleaning method Scrub cleaning by melamine sponge
Drying method Suction drying and Air blowing
Performace Max.300pcs/Cart(LD/ULD)
Processing time 12inch : Min 50sec.

Spin dryer

  • Strictly eliminates dust causing factor
  • Unigue balancing technology make it better performance (patent)
  • Equipped with the ionizer and ULPA filter.

Spin Dryer
Dimention W1000 ×D1300×H1107
Axis sealing Forced vacuuming together with dust seal
Dicing frame and water 12inch/ I or 2 cradle

Wafer Vaccume mounter

  • Low-damage mounting to fragile wafers!
  • Provide the full-automatilon systems(option)

Wafer Vaccume Mounter
Dimention W500 ×D700×H945
Weight Approx.140kg
Recipe settings choose from 10 types
Dicing frame 2 to 8 inch * 12inch is negotiable.
Tape suitable for processing All kinds of tapes and adhesives

Prevention Sheet


  • POINT1Dew condensation problems are solved with Humidity Control Sheet!
  • Long lasting and easy maintenance!
  • Flexible design to fit any enclosures!

Production Name Size (mm) Weight (g) Application Capacity (L) Contents
GB-L 560×230×3 130 400 5
GB-M 370×150×3 50 150 10
GB-P 100×148×1 10 25 30
GB-N 55×91×1 3 7 30

Furukawa battery

  • Higher Capacity
  • Stronger to large current discharging
  • Stronger to fast charging
  • Longer life span even under poor charge state

Furukawa Battery
Type UB-1000
Nominal Voltage / V 2
Rated Capacity Ah[10hr-rate] at 25deg. C 1,000
Nominal Energy / Wh 2,000
Mass / kg (approx.) 73
Dimensions / approx. mm Height 508
Width 172
Depth 303
Mass energy density / Wh / kg 27.4
Volume energy density / kWh / m3 79.0
Maximum current Charge 0.4CA
Discharge 0.6CA
Estimated cycle life at 25deg. C Charge 4,500
Discharge 5,500

Consumer Parts

Dicing Ring

Consumer Parts