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  • Butane Canister
  • Portable Butane Stove

Butane Canister

Filled Gas LPG (Min. 95% Butane)
Weight of filled gas 250 grams
Gross weight per carton 18 kgs(39.7 lbs)
Measurement of outer carton 418W x 281D x 418H (mm), 16.5W x 11.06D x 16.5H (inch)
Quantity per outer carton box 48 pcs.

Butane Canister

Portable Butane Stove

Japanese technology for Hot pot, Sukiyaki, Tempura, B.B.Q. etc.

Portable Butane Stove
Model ZA-3
Outside dimensions 356W x 279D x 108H (mm), 14W x 11D x 4.3H (inch)
Weight of stove approx. 1.65kgs (3.64lbs)
Output 2.9kW (2,500kcal/h)
Gas consumption 207g/h (Approx. 74minutes/can)
Gas fuel to be used Iwatani brand gas fuel